Dientamoeba fragilis

Dientamoeba fragilis

Aug 3rd – Dientamoeba fragilis is a species of single-celled excavates found in the gastrointestinal tract of some humans, pigs and gorillas. It causes gastrointestinal upset in some people, but not in others. It is an important cause of travellers diarrhoea, chronic diarrhoea, fatigue and, in children, failure to thrive. Despite this, its role as a “commensal, pathobiont, or pathogen” is still debated. D. fragilis is one of the smaller parasites that are able to live in the human intestine. Dientamoeba fragilis are able to survive and move in fresh feces; however are sensitive to aerobic environments. They dissociate when in contact or placed in saline, tap water or distilled water.


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