May 19th – A dacrocyte (or dacryocyte) is a type of poikilocyte that is shaped like a teardrop (a “teardrop cell”). A marked increase of dacrocytes is known as “dacrocytosis”. These tear drop cells are found also in beta thalassemia major, especially after splenectomy. Dacrocytosis can be associated with myelophthisic anemia, commonly caused by myelofibrosis. Teardrop cells in a peripheral blood smear from a patient whose bone marrow was extensively replaced by B lymphoblastic leukemia. Teardrop cells may be seen in the setting of marrow infiltration (by fibrosis, granulomatous inflammation, hematologic or metastatic malignancy), splenic abnormalities, megaloblastic anemia, and thalassemia. True teardrop cells have slighly rounded or blunted ends. In contrast, teardrop cells that are formed as an artifact of smear preparation have very sharp points, all facing in the same direction. #365DaysOfMicroscopy

365 days of microscopy

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