365 Days of microscopy …

Definition of microscopy: the use of or investigation with a microscope .


Journey to education

Jason, A Medical Laboratory Scientist, discovered a surprising trend when he was finishing his last year of his bachelors degree. When asked about his degree, an alarming number of people stared blankly back at him when he explained what he was studying. This lack of public knowledge led to his first self led academic challenge. To teach the world of microscopy to anyone who would listen.

His first public project started on the first of the year 2017. The challenge was to post 365 days of microscopy. This was no easy task, Jason had to compile, organize and write a post every single day for a year. He had no idea that his project would spark so much interest in his online community of followers, or spark so much debate as he took his readers into his microscope.

Jason took most of the images himself from his personal work and experiences as a laboratory scientist. He meticulously researched each slide he shared as part of his project. From microscopic plant life to human parasites, Jason took his readers into a world a majority of the world has never seen. Readers learned about the human body on a microscopic level. They learned what their body cells looked like both healthy and sick. Discovered frightening organisms that wage a daily war on humans and about the incredible army of tiny warriors that protect us on a daily basis. They learned about the tiny lives of microscopic plants and the dangerous parasites that can infect human hosts.

In the upcoming days, Jason will republish his 365 days of microscopy. Here on his blog so that everyone can join him in understanding the hidden world that lives among us.

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